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UPDATE 6/14/2011: The site is starting to get hit by spammers; I’ve been closing comments on the stories that are getting hit repeatedly. I’m also pretty bad at keeping up with the site, it turns out; if you want to see my recent stuff, hit up my account on the AO3. Not all of my older stuff is mirrored there (yet), but I’m much quicker about updating it with new material.

Welcome to Laylah’s fanfiction site. With any luck, the wordpress interface will make it easier for me to keep this updated than with the previous edition! ^^;

This is the spot for the fanfiction disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, and I don’t make any money writing about them. They remain copyright to their creators; I’m just having some fun. And spending a lot of money on video games.

Many of these stories contain explicit adult material, including sex, violence, or both. None of these stories are written with a child audience in mind. If you are underage or easily offended, this site is not for you. Please exercise discretion and/or your back button as necessary.

If you are in the right place, welcome!

This site is organized mostly by fandom. If you’re looking for something in particular, the categories in the sidebar should get you where you’re going. All the category pages are organized alphabetically. There are also links to monthly archives, so you can see what’s new(est).

Crossovers are listed on the “crossover” page and also in both (or all) applicable fandom pages.

AU fic is only listed on the “alternate universe” page if it’s drastically different rather than a simple change in continuity. If it’s just a change in canon events, look for it on the original fandom’s page, marked “canon what-if.”